Our monthly capacity is 1.000.000 meter, and our weaving production is made in our advanced technology dobby and jacquard looms. Thanks to our flexible production infrastructure, we can manufacture fabrics with cotton, viscose, nylon, polyester, lyocell, modal, linen and different blended yarns.


Our facility serves dyeing, finishing and testing of fabrics produced with various fiber blends with our monthly capacity of 2.000.000 meters. Our dyehouse also has a laboratory to ensure that the quality criteria of our customers are met. Working on a plain paint machine park, we always provide the fastest service in dyeing, finishing and testing of fabrics made with various fiber blends.

Chemicals and dyes used in dyeing and finishing processes are determined on the basis of environment-friendly principles.


Increasing consumer awareness has made fabric quality control more important than ever. With this awareness, our laboratory, which provides lab dips in accordance with the requests of our customers, and the necessary physical and chemical tests conducted with our machines of the latest technology, works in compliance with international standards.